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Single Location for Departmental Organization

Having a single location for a company’s data files is key in creating a well-oiled, efficient team environment, as well as clear communication to better serve clients. When High Point Land Company realized their appraisal department needed a place to store their comparable sales data and mapping files, they turned to FarmlandFinder Enterprise tools for assistance. 

To learn more about High Point, we interviewed Jacob Hart, their company Founder. We found it interesting to learn how this company is positioning themselves to genuinely help landowners and we hope you do too.

Q: Who is High Point Land Company?

A: High Point Land Company serves all of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin specializing in land sales and management. They provide the farmland industry with support to make the best investments decisions for their clients’ lives and their operations, whether that be tillable farmland, farms, hunting land, marketable timber or pasture ground transactions. High Point is trusted by many with everything land related and is proud to say “it’s what we do, it’s who we are, and it’s what we love.”

Q: What does High Point do?

A: We do live auctions, seal bid auctions, and traditional listings to name a few. Our marketing is also top notch and very direct, effective marketing and the right contacts are essential to getting a property sold. We produce original, high quality property videos and pictures to ensure that your property looks as good as possible to potential buyers. Putting buyers and sellers together and finding you the right property is our job. Whether it’s your first few acres with a small hunting cabin on it, or you are looking for the highest cap rate farm for your 1031 investment, we will find it for you.

Q: What were some problems or issues you were looking to solve before using FarmlandFinder? What was the biggest challenge your business faced?

A: Having a single centralized solution for mapping and data collection for comparable properties used in our appraisal department. We needed to be able to have one place for our team to store and manage our maps and data.

Q: What are the reasons you chose to use FarmlandFinder?

A: Farmland Finder did exactly what we needed a program to do and provided an easy to learn user experience for our team to operate. We were in the process of building our own centralized system for data collection, storage, comparables, templates and mapping. We discovered FarmlandFinder and they already had everything we were creating…so it just made sense!

Q: So far, what are you most excited about using the FarmlandFinder application?

A: The advancements coming down the line and the company’s willingness to personalize our account. We have been working closely with their team to make sure that the tool works the way we need it to.

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