About - High Point Land Company



High Point Land Company was founded on the strong foundation of good and honest people, plain and simple. High Point isn’t just the point at which an auction stops and a property is pronounced sold, its a level of good honest service and integrity that we strive for everyday.  People that love land, farms, livestock, timber, and wildlife are our kind of people. We help buyers and sellers make smart investment decisions in tillable farmland, farms, hunting, marketable timber and pasture ground transactions. Its what we do, its who we are, and its what we love.

Interested in learning more about our company?  Check out our team or give us a call, we would be pleased to talk with you.

How do we market and sell real estate?

Every property is different, we know this. That also means different approaches sell different properties much more effectively, this is one reason High Point is so powerful. We do live auctions, seal bid auctions, and traditional listings to name a few. Our marketing is also top notch and very direct, effective marketing and the right contacts are essential to getting a property sold.  We produce original, high quality property videos and pictures to ensure that your property looks as good as possible to potential buyers.

How do we work with buyers? 

Putting buyers and sellers together and finding you the right property is our job. Whether its your first few acres with a small hunting cabin on it, or you are looking for the highest cap rate farm for your 1031 investment, we will find it for you. With land there is one thing for certain, they are not making anymore of it. We have a huge list of on and off market properties available, just because it is not on our site does not mean we don’t know of someone looking to sell. If we don’t know you’re looking to buy and invest it’s really hard for us to help. Click here to add your information to our looking for property list or contact us today so we can start your search.