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Recreational Property Improvement Update

This week I went down to our farm outside of Chatfield, MN. I wanted to walk the property during the spring thaw that we were in the middle of. I know that in late March or early April in MN that spring thaw can go at a moments notice. I went to the farm to plan my yearly activity of spring plantings. Each year I plant a number of trees and native bushes at the farm. I also plant a few food plots as well. What a great morning I had! The pond was almost thawed completely, my native grass stood tall for the winter and the wildlife was very active. I could hear the turkeys gobbling off in the distance, which is reassuring for my up and coming turkey season.
The river that runs through the property was flowing at a good pace, but not rushing this year like some years in the past. As I wondered around the farm I found a deer shed along the river and thought I can’t wait for this fall, I hope to get a chance to meet this big fella.
There are a few reasons I make a plan each year for the farm. I know that if I keep planting habitat the wildlife will continue to populate my farm.
I like to plant a number of different kinds of trees, some for heat units, some for grazing purposes after the nuts become available, and some for making the farm thick with cover. I also like to plant native grass because it grows fast and stands tall through winter nicely. Wildlife love tall grass because it gives plenty of cover and warmth. I cant tell you how many deer have “disappeared” in our tall grass during the fall hunting season, just to reappear an hour later. It has really become a great addition to our farm.
Let me know if you have any questions about my “plan” for the spring planting season.
Broker Kevin Hart
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