264.71+/- Acres Butler County, MO - AUCTION - High Point Land Company

264.71+/- Acres Butler County, MO – AUCTION

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264.71 Acres +/-

High Point Land Company is honored to present this beautiful 264.71+/- acres in Butler County, Missouri as an Online-Timed Auction. Bidding ends on Wednesday, January 17th at 1PM.

Nestled on the picturesque landscape of Butler County, Missouri, just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking beauty of the Natural State, lies the Mesasa Farm—a sprawling haven comprising 263.09 +/- acres meticulously divided into four tracts. This rural masterpiece is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and agricultural prosperity, showcasing the epitome of serene living.

Mesasa Farm unfolds as a vast canvas of flat land, revealing a tapestry of multiple soil types across its 260.37 +/- tillable acres. Among these, 120 +/- acres gracefully stretch as rice fields, where the fertile earth whispers tales of abundance and growth. The tillable ground, spanning the majority of the property, boasts an average NCCPI (National Commodity Crop Productivity Index) of 56.37, a testament to the farm’s fertility and potential for bountiful harvests.

Conveniently positioned a mere 20 minutes southwest of Poplar Bluff, Mesasa Farm seamlessly bridges the gap between rural serenity and urban accessibility. This strategic location not only ensures a tranquil escape into the heart of nature but also places modern conveniences within easy reach. In addition, the farm is a mere 12-minute journey from the Arkansas Line, offering a seamless connection to the charm and culture of the neighboring state.

As the sun casts its golden glow over the vast expanse of Mesasa Farm, one can envision a life intertwined with the rhythm of the land. This property is not merely a collection of acres; it is a canvas upon which the seasons unfold, each bringing its own symphony of colors and textures. Whether you dream of cultivating the fertile soil or simply yearn for a refuge from the bustle of city life, Mesasa Farm beckons—an embodiment of rural elegance and agricultural grace.

Tract 1 Description:

Tract 1, an exquisite segment within the captivating Mesasa Farm, unfolds over 39+/- acres of carefully curated Leveed Rice ground. This particular parcel, a testament to meticulous land management, graces the property with its purposeful design and functional beauty. As you traverse this tract, you’ll discover the gentle undulations of the levees, a landscape crafted to enhance both aesthetics and productivity. Positioned with precision, these levees not only contribute to the visual appeal of the land but also serve as key elements in managing water for optimal rice cultivation. Adding to the allure of Tract 1 is a Well Head, a crucial component for ensuring a reliable and sustainable water supply. Though not directly on county road 340, the Well Head is strategically located within the confines of this parcel, offering convenient access to the lifeblood essential for flourishing crops. This thoughtful placement showcases a commitment to efficiency and agricultural excellence.

Tract 2 Description:

Tract 2, a sprawling expanse within the Mesasa Farm, spans 133.6 +/- acres of diverse and fertile soil types, presenting a canvas for agricultural versatility and productivity. This tract is a dynamic blend of nature’s bounty and human cultivation, offering a glimpse into the rich potential of this rural haven. Comprising a mosaic of mixed soil types, Tract 2 embodies the agricultural tapestry that characterizes Mesasa Farm. Within its embrace, 37.52 +/- acres currently play host to a strategic rotation of rice and soybeans, with the upcoming year of 2024 designated for the flourishing of rice crops. This thoughtful crop rotation not only maximizes the utilization of the land but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and yield-optimized farming practices. One of the distinctive features of Tract 2 is the well strategically positioned at the center of the field. This well serves as a vital hub for efficient water management, offering the flexibility to implement irrigation systems such as pivots. Its central location is particularly advantageous, allowing for the seamless distribution of water to the two rice fields, enhancing the overall efficiency of the agricultural operations on this tract.

Note: There is an abandoned railroad that runs through Tracts 2 and 3. It hasn’t been used for several years.

Tract 3 Description:

Tract 3, a charming segment of Mesasa Farm, unfolds gracefully across 41.07 acres, situated with picturesque allure just off County Road 367. This tract, a canvas of agricultural potential, invites exploration and promises a versatile landscape perfect for cultivating a variety of crops. Nestled along the gentle curves of County Road 367, Tract 3 boasts its own dedicated access, providing a seamless entry point to this serene expanse. The convenience of independent access not only enhances the privacy of this parcel but also facilitates efficient transportation and management of the land. With its expansive size, Tract 3 offers a fertile canvas for agricultural pursuits. The gentle undulations of the terrain and the quality of the soil make it well-suited for a variety of crops, allowing for the realization of diverse farming aspirations. Whether one envisions fields of golden grain, vibrant orchards, or other agricultural endeavors, this tract embodies the potential for a flourishing harvest. As you traverse Tract 3, the possibilities unfold—each acre an opportunity for cultivation, each corner an invitation to envision the agricultural dreams that could take root in this serene corner of Mesasa Farm. This parcel, graced by its own access and promising versatility in crop cultivation, stands as a testament to the agricultural richness that defines the essence of this rural haven.

Note: There is an abandoned railroad that runs through Tracts 2 and 3. It hasn’t been used for several years.

Tract 4 Description:

Tract 4, a distinctive plot within the expansive Mesasa Farm, encompasses 42.52 +/- deeded acres, further enhanced by an easement allowing for the cultivation of an additional 9.1 +/- acres. This unique configuration arises from an abandoned drainage project, offering an intriguing blend of history and agricultural opportunity. Accessible through its own dedicated entryway from County Road 340, Tract 4 stands as a self-contained haven, primed for the agricultural pursuits synonymous with the Mesasa legacy. The farm’s suitability for rice cultivation adds a layer of agricultural significance, and its strategic design allows for optimal utilization of the land. One notable feature distinguishing Tract 4 is the presence of a pipe system designed for pumping water from the nearby Little Black River. This efficient irrigation infrastructure provides a reliable water source, underscoring the farm’s potential for sustained and thriving cultivation. The marriage of fertile soil and water accessibility positions Tract 4 as a canvas for the artistry of rice farming.

Property Address:

TBD County Rd 355, Harviell, MO 63945

Property Features:

  • Flat
  • Tillable
  • On-Site Wells
  • Multiple Soil Types

Driving Directions:

Head west on W Pine St toward N Broadway St. 0.8 mi Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-67 Business/N Westwood Blvd. Continue to follow US-67 Business Pass by Hardee’s (on the right). 4.2 mi Turn left to merge onto US-67 S toward Corning. 8.9 mi Turn right onto Co Rd 340, Destination will be on the right

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