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Jacob Hart

jacobOriginally from Blooming Prairie, MN Jacob grew up in the flat land. His family owned the local Dairy Queen which not only gave him the opportunity to grow and be involved in a great community but also a very acquired taste for the chili cheese dog. Jacob attended SDSU in Brookings, SD then studied at World Wide College of Auctioneering.

Young in the auction business Jacob worked for the national company Ameribid out of Tulsa Oklahoma where he assisted in the sales of large package real estate transactions. They sold properties all over they county from bankrupt college campuses to the FEMA and NORA acquired Hurricane Katrina properties in large package transactions of hundreds of properties being auctioned off in a single day.

Jacobs family roots and interests have always been in the hunting, farming, and enjoying the outdoors. He started High Point with the idea in mind that we would be the best land sales brokerage in the midwest and have clients be happy they chose such a great company to help them with their biggest transactions of their lives.

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