356.12 +/- Acres Chickasaw County, IA - AUCTION - High Point Land Company

356.12 +/- Acres Chickasaw County, IA – AUCTION

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356.12 Acres +/-

Check out this SOLD property in Chickasaw county, IA.  If you are interested in property like this please contact Iowa land specialist, Nick Hopp 319-240-6121

High Point Land Company is honored to present the Ethel Steven Estate, to be sold at live public auction on March 30th, 2023 at the Chickasaw Senior Center in New Hampton, IA at 1:00PM. We are pleased to be able to offer this highly productive land in multiple tracts, with the method of sale being “Choice with Privilege.” Online bidding will be available for those unable to attend the live event.It is extremely rare for this many acres of “A” quality land to be offered within such close proximity of each other; and it shall be offered in 4 tracts. The buyer of each of these tracts will be provided copies of the extensive tile projects done over the years. Copies of these maps can be seen attached at the bottom of this listing, and can be provided via email at your request. 

Tract 1 – 149.43+/- Net Taxable Acres – 148.38+/- Cropland

Boasting an 84.2 CSR2 across the tillable acres, this tract has an impressive combination of all of the high-quality soils types found in this region. With multiple access points, this large tract offers all the desirable features of those operating todays large equipment. This tract also has 4.7 acres of CRP generating $1,445 of annual income. With a well maintained waterway and tile where needed, this tract has adequate drainage and is sure to be a solid producer for generations to come! The buyers of Tract 1 will receive a rent credit of $23,318.75 at closing with an additional $19,731.25 to be paid by the tenant due on December 1, 2023.

Tract 2 – 74.47 +/- Net Taxable Acres – 73.61+/- Cropland

Consisting of Basset Loam, Clyde-Floyd Complex, and Floyd loam this tract produces a 82.6 CSR2 across its tillable acres. With a gentle slope, clean fence lines and terraces in place, this productive piece has the efficiency that many operators are looking for. This tract has been farmed contiguously with tract 3 over the years and would pair nicely for a buyer looking to purchase a larger tract. The buyers of Tract 2 will receive a rent credit of $11,943.75 at closing with an additional $10,106.25 to be paid by the tenant due on December 1, 2023.

Tract 3 – 94.22 +/- Net Taxable Acres – 92.64+/- Cropland

With long straight rows and great access; this flat, black, and square tract is a dream come true. Boasting an 80.8 CSR2 across the tillable acres, and tile projects done over the years, this tract boasts all the qualities making it a great addition to any operation. As mentioned, this tract is an excellent piece to naturally pair with tract 2 and are able to be farmed contiguously. The buyers of Tract 3 will receive a rent credit of $15,031.25 at closing with an additional $12,718.75 to be paid by the tenant due on December 1, 2023.

Tract 4 – 38 +/- Net Taxable Acres – 36.48+/- Cropland

This tract offers a great opportunity for crop rotation and added diversity to any operation or investment portfolio. Not to be outdone, this tract generates an 80.6 CSR2 across its tillable acres consisting of Clyde Clay Loam. This Tract also has additional income generated by 1.8 acres of CRP contributing $537 annually. The buyers of Tract 4 will receive a rent credit of $5,606.25 at closing with an additional $4,743.75 to be paid by the tenant due on December 1, 2023.

The buyer of these tracts will receive a rental payment of $300 per tillable acre as outlined above for the 2023 crop season; making this property an excellent investment opportunity while providing a solid ROI for anyone looking to purchase high quality Iowa farmland! This payment will be made following the schedule provided for each individual tract.

A property of this size and quality rarely comes available; and could very likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity in this area.

Directions: From North Washington, Iowa, go North on Gilmore Ave 1 mile and turn West on 150th st.  In one quarter mile turn South on Franklin to get to tracts 2,3, and 4; or go straight to the corner of 150th and Exeter to view Tract 1.

Property Features

  • Available in multiple tracts
  • Highly productive soil types found throughout
  • CSR2’s ranging from 80.6 – 84.2
  • Tile projects done throughout
150th Street, North Washington, IA

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