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Joel McCartan

Real Estate Salesperson | Iowa Land Specialist

Joel grew up on a farm near Pocahontas, Iowa that raised cows, hogs, and grew corn and soybeans.  Hunting, fishing, and especially trapping were some of his favorite pastimes growing up.  From age 14 to 15, Joel detasseled each summer, eventually switching over to building grain bins each summer until graduating from college.  He attended the University of Iowa where he went to film school and has worked on many film sets and does his own videography.  Not long after college, he worked as an independent contractor for years for several hog sites taking care of and choring for as many as 20,000 hogs daily.  In 2020, he got his real estate license and uses his knowledge in photography and videography to apply himself for marketing homes, acreages, and fields.  As a licensed drone pilot since 2019, he utilizes the sky as a point of view advantage for sellers and potential buyers.  Joel is currently living in Milford, Iowa, and is a real estate agent and land specialist in northwest Iowa happy and ready to serve you!

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