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What Are Land Prices Doing?

Farmland prices for the month of July 2018 were strong for the few sales that took place, however they were very limited in volume. Trade talks in interest rates continue to be hot topics however A quality farms that have come up for sale have achieved very high prices. Tillable land in southeastern Minnesota currently ranges between $5000-$9000 per acre regularly and our buyers are split 50-50 between operators and investors. In Northeast Iowa we are seeing tillable land sell between $5500-$10,000 per acre depending on quality and location. Hunting land in both states has consistently risen with buildable opportunities and high timber prices putting our recreational ground between $3000-$5000 per acre regularly. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a farm give one of our High Point land agents a call to answer your questions. They are a great resource to use to your advantage. Have a wonderful rest of your summer and we look forward to a prosperous third-quarter and a great, safe harvest season ahead.
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